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Summer 2020. The new normal.
At Perfect Number, we are reflecting on change, uncertainty, and we have been exchanging ideas together about new or different ways of doing things. The need to adapt. Right?
We were lucky to spend an afternoon with Lola Langusta. Lola is a DJ and Founder of Stoned Fox, cannabis creative media agency, merging lifestyle, fashion, music and culture, to create a collective space for novice and curious alike. Lola brings talents together to fight the stigma around cannabis and introduce a refreshing approach to the industry, with storytelling at the heart of her work.

Los Angeles : Lockdown

You have lived in many places before. Why did you choose Los Angeles for now? What is this summer like for you?

"Like the LCD song “New York I love you but you’re bringing me down” It was time to experience something new. I’ve been in LA now for 10 years, 7 of which I was bi-coastal. Now that my work has brought me into cannabis, film, and music California is my new home and I can’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Speaking about this particular summer, sadly I won’t be traveling to Europe, but lucky for us we live in the most beautiful state in our country and escaping is easy to do here. I’ll be enjoying the moment to moment lifestyle that I am intentionally holding on to and finding more secret nature spots to indulge in all the beauty our earth has given us."

Times of change

If you had to pick 3 words to describe the change happening, what would they be? Why?

"Awakening, Accountability, Healing, Resilience, Determination... For those who give a damn, the question is WHY AREN'T YOU SPEAKING UP, WHY AREN'T YOU ANGRY? The why for me is oppression and abuse from the powers at hand and the common sense that what we see is not ok and this is the last generation to mess with. We are done being comfortable, you don’t stay in abusive relationship and we are all done being victims, the warriors are rising."

Fight For Freedom

How does Stoned Fox fight the stigma around Cannabis and why is it important to you?

"Stoned Fox is aimed to bring a fresh, story-based touch to cannabis media. We dive mostly into culture past and present with interesting interviews of creative story tellers: musicians, actors, writers, directors. With all things I do there has always been one underlining goal, one word that fuels everything. Freedom.
Freedom to create, freedom to give, financial freedom, freedom to heal the way we choose (naturally) and freedom to rewrite the script of how we have been conducting business for the past century. Cannabis has always been a part of my life and it has always been a muse, teacher and lover. We treat it as such and have had our own inimitable approach to the space that I believe stands on its own."

Unapologetically empathetic

What is your advice on self-confidence, on how to accept and unapologetically be yourself? What is the new femininity to you?

"Lucky for me I was never one to conform. If it was popular I wanted nothing to do with it. I’ve always listened to myself and I think even though my success may be taking time it’s been on my terms and I’m ok with that. I’ve always been a very empathetic and aware human which has given me a quality to relate and understand nearly everyone even if I don’t agree. Moving in that awareness I believe is key. When it comes to femininity and its meaning, for me has always been the perfect balance of strength, fragility, wisdom and elegance."

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