PERFECT NUMBER is a brand and creative collective dedicated to exploring new femininity. We don’t try to dictate or define femininity solely through our own design lens. We work collaboratively with new designers on each collection to investigate its meaning.
Women will be teachers of how to be human in the future Women will be teachers of how to be human in the future
Who we are

We strive to be more than just a fashion brand: we connect like-minded people and are building a community which shares our goals and beliefs. PERFECT NUMBER is global-minded and shaped through constant dialogue among the creative team and our collaborators.

Every piece is 100% handmade in Los Angeles. Our designs are collaboratively created with a design team who grew disillusioned with the luxury market, and came together to make a line that reflects the complexity of being a woman today. Experimenting with fabrics, colors and silhouettes, we create new essentials for the global community of women who inspire us.

Women who constantly reinvent and redefine themselves are our inspiration. We believe that femininity today is a place for endless experimentation. We believe in imperfections, creativity, and real, lived experiences. Fluidity is the most sane response to the current state of society. We embrace differences and believe in a diverse and fluid femininity. We are also implementing fluidity in all aspects of the brand development.

With PERFECT NUMBER MAG, we create a platform for conversations about culture, gender, politics, fashion, lifestyle, technology, and the shifting nature of femininity to showcase the emerging talent we believe in.