We are the voice of modern women
We are conscious of our environment
We create designs as an everyday art form, designs that last
Together we embrace femininity and individuality
Who we are

We embrace all expressions of femininity and their unique nature.

We care about the environment and our communities on both a societal and cultural level, fostering diversity and inclusivity in everything we do.

We believe that great design should be both beautiful and functional. Our garments are produced in Los Angeles and are meticulously crafted with longevity and practicality in mind.

We offer designs that are relevant for life. Designs to be lived in, infused with a sense of ease and a feeling of laid-back confidence. Each garment tells its own unique story, like the woman who wears it.

For us, quality is a 360 degree experience which informs everything we do, from our designs to our customer service. We’re just starting out on our journey to celebrate individuality and femininity outside of traditional social norms but our goals are unwavering. Our objective is for considered consumption, minimal waste and a thriving circular economy to become the norm. We want to be part of that change.

Our story
PERFECT NUMBER is a ready-to-wear brand based in Los Angeles, California. We launched our first collection in April 2019. As a digital first and foremost direct to consumer brand, we offer seasonal collections independent of market trends.

Based in downtown LA, we’re a small group of passionate individuals, led by our founder, Masha Adonyeva, and supported by a global network of collaborators.

Masha’s values of self-expression and femininity with a clear sense of personal style come through the collections via the expertise of Nicola Morgan, our creative director.

“It’s through fashion that I have found a way to express my individuality, mood, and even my political and social stance. I have always dreamt about sharing my ideas with the world through fashion”, Masha explains.

Both Masha and Nicola, self-confessed design geeks, share a passion for innovative and sustainable textiles and a desire to cultivate a fluid yet irreverent approach to modern dressing.

“PERFECT NUMBER is all about changes in how we pursue new femininity and new ideals. It is all about strong, independent and unique yet quintessentially feminine expressions.”