Our fluidity is our strength, and our inclusivity is our future. Reject “types.” Celebrate bodies. Blur gender boundaries. Create your own version of femininity.

The future of femininity is non-literal; it is unbounded exploration and the process of self-becoming. UNFORMAT FEMININITY features three people whose philosophies and perspectives represent the shifting nature of femininity.

These individuals are creating new forms of self-expression through manifesting fluid, innate femininity to form part of an inclusive whole. UNFORMAT FEMININITY celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the individuality of the wearer.

Los Angeles native Annahstasia is a queer Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist forging her own path. Her powerful vocals are the highlight of her recent album, Sacred Bull, which explores themes of place, identity, nature, and femininity, and is the first in a series of her art and process-driven musical projects. “The only reason I got back into modeling was that people kept asking me to. But I never walked into an agency again and said, ’I want to model.’ Even when I’m invited to agencies and they ask me to take Polaroids, it feels demeaning to me. I come there with all that I am — my talents, my creativity, my soul, my personality — and they just want to take a picture. They determine whether they want you based on that image.”
Casil is the rare trans model success story: while he had a successful modeling career while growing up as a young woman, he struggled with gender dysphoria behind-the-scenes for years. After transitioning, he's enjoyed an even more successful career as a male model and acts as a fearless advocate for young trans people everywhere. “I used to be very insecure, especially at the start of my transition. Nobody had my body or style. I didn't know who I was, but I knew who I wanted to be. It took a lot of time for people. The fashion industry is a blessing and a curse. You have to be really strong in order to be in it... I feel blessed now that my entire transition was documented from such a young age. I try to use my platform to make space for others like me. Now, I see the industry changing.”
Mela is an actress and dancer who also writes music and advocates for single mothers. You've probably seen the New York City native leading Major Lazer's dance team on tour, acting in "The Florida Project," or performing on Jimmy Fallon with Grimes. “What helped me find my space was motherhood. When I got pregnant, I wasn't happy. I thought I wasn’t going to be cast in anything... While in my first acting role, I was afraid to “come out” with my pregnancy. But something came over me and I thought, do I want my daughter to feel voiceless, afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed in the world? No, I want her to feel strong and confident, and she’ll feel that if I step into my truth and own myself. I am a creative, an artist, and a mother.”